System exhibition stands

Each company that wants to enter the market, must go through the stage of creation of image, which will be fully recognizable. One of the tools for its creation, are good quality exhibition stands, that represent the Company at fairs, where the company exhibits. The appearance, shape, colors and equipment of the exhibition stand affect how the Company shall be viewed by potential customers and contractors.

Properly designed and constructed exhibition stands not only attract attention but also remain for longer in the awareness of visitors, which can be reflected directly in the increase of your turnover.

Therefore it is essential to select the professionals, who have been creating the company image for many years. Our company offers you just such services, from the project to the comprehensive implementation.

At the beginning of our cooperation we collect as much information from the customer as possible, to prepare an offer along with the exhibition stand project, which takes into account all best solutions for the meeting the customer goals. All proposed projects of exhibition stands are made by professional and experienced designers, whose work was appreciated and awarded on many fairs. The result of these actions is the project together with the preliminary pricing.

To construct our exhibition stands we mostly use Butress, Concept, Linear, Flexi-Frame systems as well as the MDF boards, but we also accept custom solutions.

In accordance with the assumptions of the project, the exhibition stands are equipped with:

  • furniture
  • back-room equipment
  • kitchen equipment
  • multimedia equipment 

On the basis of our own machinery and equipment we also offer:

  • large format prints
  • cutting plotted graphics from the foil
  • spatial graphics made of perspex, PVC and styrodur


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tel. +48 58 692 05 58


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